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Show Me love (Swedish: Fucking Åmål, claimed [‘fak?? o?mo?l]) is a 1998 Swedish film coordinated by Lukas Moodysson.Two young ladies, Agnes and Elin, go to class in the residential area of Åmål in Sweden. Elin is active and prominent, however discovers her life unsuitable and dull. Agnes, by difference, has no genuine companions and is continually discouraged. Agnes is infatuated with Elin, however can’t discover any approach to express it.


Agnes’ guardians stress over their little girl’s withdrawn life, and attempt to be consoling. Her mom chooses, without wanting to, to arrange a sixteenth birthday party for her, and Agnes is anxious nobody will come. Viktoria, a young lady in a wheelchair, shows up and Agnes yells at her before her guardians, advising her they are companions simply because nobody else will converse with them. Agnes, overcome with indignation and dejection, goes to her room and cries into her pad yelling that she wants to be dead, while her dad tries to mitigate her. Viktoria leaves and Agnes’ family eats the nourishment made for the gathering. Elin touches base at Agnes’ home, for the most part as a reason to abstain from setting off to an alternate gathering, where there will be a kid (Johan, played by Mathias Rust) she needs to stay away from. Elin’s more seasoned sister, Jessica, who accompanies her, challenges her to kiss Agnes, why should reputed be a lesbian. Elin satisfies the challenge, and after that runs out with Jessica, just to soon feel regretful for having mortifi


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Show Me love Movie 720p HD Free Download

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