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Movie Overview

    13.13.13 is a 2013 horror based movie.In 1993, in the average workers group of West Memphis, Arkansas, three eight-year-old young men – Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore – disappear from their neighborhood. After a broad hunt, their bound and beaten bodies are discovered the following day. The group and the police division are persuaded that the killings are the work of an otherworldly religion, because of the fierce and sexual natures of the wrongdoing. After a month, three young people – Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr. – are captured after Misskelley admits taking after roughly 12 hours of cross examination. They are taken to trial, where Baldwin and Misskelley are sentenced to life, and Echols to death, at the same time as yet announcing their innocence.For centuries, date-books have included an additional day like clockwork. In doing as such, they disregarded the old Mayan logbook. For a thousand years man has been adding a day to the schedule at regular intervals and in doing as such damaged humanity’s understanding of the Mayan Calendar’s forecast that the world would end in 2012. On the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of the new thousand years, survivors stand up to a universe of evil presences. On 13/13/13 the whole human race (except for those conceived on a jump year) go crazy. The individuals who were conceived on a jump year are adhered to fight the devils.

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      • Movie Name    :     13.13.13  (2013)
      • Movie Size       :     730 MB
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      • Movie Type      :     Horror



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13.13.13 2013 Full Movie 720p HD Free Download

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